Tips for You & Your Baby

07 March 2018

Tips for You & Your Baby

Why not create a very special picture book with your child? Besides being fun, it fosters language skills as you pore over the pages and talk about what you see.

How to Play

Make your own picture book featuring something your toddler likes or an experience you have shared (My Family, My Trip to the Zoo or My Favorite Foods, for instance).

Together, select pictures from your own collection of photographs, or cut pictures out of magazines. Paste them into a small blank book, and add some simple text below each picture to explain what it's about.

Help your child associate the text with the pictures by pointing out details as you read. Or ask them to find things in the pictures and point them out to you. 

Learning and Growing

Reading and discussing a book of pictures is a meaningful way to link words with actions or events, a key step in any child's language development.

Transferring their words to paper enables your child to associate written words with spoken ones. As they become more organized in their thinking, they can follow a simple plot and even create their own with your help.