How to start a BBQ survivor style!

07 March 2018

How to start a BBQ survivor style!

The next time you are going out for a BBQ or an overnight camp, impress your mates with your mad skills by volunteering to start them camp fire or BBQ without fuel, butane, or even newspapers!

What You will Need:

Kitchen paper towel (normal tissue papers works just as good J )

Cooling oil – don’t go out on a limb, regular frying oil will do the trick

Match or lighter

And of course timber or charcoal (unless if someone donates they car tire to burn)

The Method:

Loosely ball up a few leaves of tissue paper or paper kitchen towels into a ball (about the size of a tennis ball)

Place it in the middle of your grill then slowly soak it up with the oil. (Don’t get too generous with the oil, you don’t want to end up with a pool of oil)

Carefully pile up the charcoal or timber on the oily ball making sure the ball has plenty of room to breathe.  Fire needs O2 just like us J

You are almost done – fire up your ball from multiple spots. Take care not to burn yourself; otherwise, you will lose “cool points”

Let the fire have its way with the first set of charcoals. Once they turn fully gray (or red if it nighttime) start to add the rest of the charcoal.

Moreover, there you have it! Sit back and enjoy the compliments!