How to Make the Sharpness of Knife Last Longer

07 March 2018

How to Make the Sharpness of Knife Last Longer

Step1: Store your knife in a knife block. If you prefer a drawer then use a knife sheath. Poor store will defiantly damage the blade (even if you cannot see the damage with the naked eye)

Step2: Most chefs hand wash their knifes; first a gentle scrub with a soapy cloth or sponge then dry it immediately.  So let’s just follow their lead on that one!

Step3: To help prevent corrosion, oil your knife with food-grade mineral oil immediately after use. 

Step4: Sharpen your knives regularly. 10 sweeps per side should do the trick. If the knife is too dull to cut a lemon then you may need professional sharpening.

Step5: Last but defiantly not least. Do not cut on a hard surface like glass, ceramic or marble! That will most surly dull your blade significantly with every slice. Try wood, bamboo or plastic boards (but scrub them properly, you don’t want undesirable life forms sprouting from your boards)