Confused which laptop is good for you?

07 March 2018

Confused which laptop is good for you?

When we are bombarded with a zabiloin options, choosing the right laptop may be somewhat of a mission.

So lets break this down to simple steps

First choose what OS you like to use

Mac OS



Ubuntu (if you are into that sort of thing)

Then see what size screen you like to have. This may largely depend on what makes your eyes relaxed

11 to 12 inches (the most portable)

13 to 14 inches (the trendy ones)

15.6 (the most popular)

17 to 18 inches (usually for Gamers or Designers)

Do not forget the keyboard! Fancy PC + lousy keyboard = very frustrated user 

Now let’s pop the hood and check out the specs. Bigger, faster, nicer... does not always mean good.

If you want to surf the web, do Facebook, YouTube and skype with friends then why in the world would you go for top doller specs. (Unless if that’s what you are into then it’s totally cool!)